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Our team provides ROI-driven IBM® Maximo® consulting services for your industry.
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  • Maximo Implementation Services

With 25+ years of Maximo implementation experience, our experts understand how to ensure your Maximo project delivers the results you are looking for. Our team includes the necessary technical personnel who understand how to build a system to support 10,000 users across 20 countries and hundreds of sites (yes, we have done that), as well as the business & reliability experts who come from an industry background and understand how to best engineer a solution that not only meets the needs of now, but that will help your organization grow and mature in the years to come. We cover all aspects of the Maximo lifecycle, from pre-selection through long term support and continuous improvement.

  • Maximo Assessments

Assessments are a critical step in enabling an organization to make the right decisions to meet their goals, timeline and budget. The Banetti HealthCheck methodology covers all critical aspects to ensure that the end result is a holistic picture of where you stand with clearly identified gaps and recommended solutions so that you team can make the best decisions for your future. The results report will also be presented in an interactive session allowing for the required Q&A, maybe debate, about how and why a given path is a best fit, and our experts are there to guide you through that. The final delivery includes a personalized high level roadmap for moving forward so that you can then make the internal decisions necessary to get to your desired future state.

  • Maximo Training

Banetti provides custom training solutions to meet the demands of your organization to ensure consistent knowledge application and execution, even if needed across 20 countries and 13 languages (yes, we have done that). We take the standard basics that apply across all Maximo implementations and overlay your specific processes, terminology and Maximo configurations to build a program that your users can relate to and understand. Delivery can be in the form of instructor-led training (on-site or remote via web), Train the Trainer, or self-paced. Regular training refresher sessions and material updates are included as part of our top-level support packages as well.

  • Maximo Upgrade Services

Banetti experts are here and ready to help you through your upgrade or reimplementation process with our proven methodologies and technologies. We understand the critical challenges organizations face when they need Zero Downtime (yes, we do that), merging multiple old instances from various versions (we do that too), migrating to the cloud (Zero Downtime here too), or even moving from one cloud provider to another (we have references). When looking at improvement or reimplementation during the project, our business & reliability experts understand how to help you define your goals, identify the gaps that must be closed, structure a plan for success and guide the technical team to your targeted end result of business improvement.

  • Maximo Support

Banetti's MASS (Maximo Application Support Service) is a standard Banetti service in use by a large number of Canadian and USA IBM Maximo clients. The MASS program can be tailored to suite your needs and can cover a variety of Maximo professional services including implementation support, technical troubleshooting, patches/upgrades, report development and general system administration.

  • Maximo License & Support Renewals

Banetti is an IBM partner and authorized reseller of the Maximo EAM suite of products, Maximo add-ons, Maximo Anywhere and Maximo SaaS for both IBM Passport Advantage and FCT programs. Our experience and partner relationship has yielded our customers savings as high as 80%. Talk to one of our Maximo License and Renewal experts for guidance on how we can help you return some savings to your bottom line.

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After successfully implementing innovative, asset management-driven solutions across numerous consumer products, pharmaceutical products and medical device manufacturing facilities across the globe, the project achieved $15MM ROI in its first year and expects the same rate of return for years to come.
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